Five Star Review 1/21/2020 

“I can’t say enough good things about this place. Dr. Williams and his nurse were amazing with my special needs son. I had to have work done as well, and when he came with me he was so excited to see the nurse he went running up to her to say hi. Everyone is professional and patient. I have very minimal pain after getting my tooth removed. I highly recommend.”

Five Star Review  1/30/2019

“My daughter had to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed. Her teeth were causing her massive pain as 2 of them had already came in an broke apart. I had called a few other oral surgeons closer to where we live and was told the earliest appointment would be 3 – 4 weeks out, I called SKYOS and they made her appt that week. She was scheduled for surgery the next day! She absolutely loved Dr. Williams. They were very friendly, went above and beyond to help her and we are very grateful. Did I mention she didn’t need any pain medication, and had only minimal swelling. We recommend everyone to SKOS!!!!”

Five Star Review 2/18/2020

“Dr williams is real laid back and puts you at ease. ( I was really nervous) his nurse and the whole staff were really friendly and made you feel welcome! Very much appreciate it.”

Facebook Recommendation 8/14/2019
 I wanted to brag about my experience.😊 I had a very complicated impacted, wisdon tooth extracted today. I have been terrified of getting it removed for years now.In my past ,other professionals had me scared of treatment.There were always to many negative possibilities ,if I were to ever have it removed. ….but I knew that time was only going to make it worse.I reached out to you all,for one more hope in opinion.
At my consultation, everyone was so kind and informative.They sounded very confident,in being able to help me. I was also impressed with the beautiful facility.
Fast forward to today, I was a nervous reck. The nurses and doc. cohron,comforted me and talked me though everything they were doing. I dont remember ever being put out.
Eight hours later and my pain is minimal, no swelling, or numbness! I feel I was treated by the best. thank you so much.

Facebook Recommendation 3/29/2019
Had my wisdom teeth taken out by Dr.Williams today and everything went so good. I was in and out of the office within an hour. The staff was very nice and calming with the process. He called later that day to check up on me and to let me know how everything went. I would definitely recommend him!

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